Top New Zealand Food, Snacks, and Traditional Meals

It’s part of travelling; trying local cuisine is also part of it. So why not explore Aotearoa and sample some famous New Zealand foods?

Although New Zealand may not be world-famous for its culinary offerings, there are certain meals, snacks and drinks that Kiwis can claim as their own. Unsurprisingly, seafood is a mainstay of the Kiwi diet, with 15,000 km (9,320 miles). Food, or “kai”, has been an integral part of the Maori culture for hundreds of years. It produced must-try traditional dishes like hangi, fried bread, and kawakawa Tea.

What are New Zealand foods worth trying? Our list of New Zealand’s most famous food in whangarei gives you a taste of New Zealand cuisine.


Let’s begin with the Maori traditional hangi. Hangi is Maori cuisine at its best. It involves slow-cooking meats and vegetables in an underground oven. It was a popular cooking method in New Zealand for hundreds of centuries. However, hangis are now reserved for special occasions. This is because it takes so much time to prepare. Hangi buffets at Maori cultural events will make you feel full but not hungry.


Crayfish is another traditional New Zealand food. Crayfish, or lobster, is a Kiwi favourite because many divers and anglers take pride in catching it. Crayfish can sometimes be as expensive as NZ$80 per full, but it is worth trying when you have the chance. You’ll see why Kiwis love crayfish.

Where to Try: Enjoy some crayfish at KaikouraNine Bin and Cods are some of the restaurants. Kaikoura Seafood Barbecue Kiosk is another.


We know that New Zealanders love seafood, so let’s jump on to another delicious foodie delight from our ocean. Kina refers to a sea urchin with a hard, spiky shell and thin fleshy insides. This has been a New Zealand delight for many centuries.

It would be best if you tried: Boating trips around the Bay of Islands, Kai Caff Aye Rotorua, Seafood Bazaar Hamilton, and other fish & chip/seafood takeaways throughout the country.

Kiwi Burger

It’s a New Zealand staple that you’ll either find bizarre or brilliant, but it’s still very popular. A Kiwi hamburger, “Kiwi”, is made with beetroot and a Fried Egg. It also includes your regular burger patties, lettuce, and whatever else you want between two burger buns. You won’t believe it until you try it.

Where to Try: You can find a burger at almost any restaurant or pub, even McDonald’s. They aren’t always called a “Kiwi Burger”. Look out for burgers that contain eggs or beetroot.


Jaffas are another New Zealand food that is well-known. New Zealanders love Jaffas, a sweet confectionery favourite. Jaffas are small, sugar-coated chocolate balls that have a subtle orange flavour. Jaffas can be purchased at any grocery or dairy (convenience) store.

Where to Try: Available at any convenience or supermarket.


Ask any Australian, and they’ll swear Oz invented the Pavlova. Ask a Kiwi to tell you the truth. Pavlova, made with meringue and whipped cream, is a popular New Zealand dessert. This refreshing dessert is a popular choice for Christmas. Make it yourself by following our 5 Traditional New Zealand recipes.

You should try Pavlova at many New Zealand restaurants such as Cibo in Auckland, Queenstown’s Public Kitchen and Bar, and Floriditas and Wellington.