There’s no denying that iced coffee is always an overlooked beverage, even though anyone can easily brew it at his or her home. It should be realized that iced coffee is one of the quickest methods to brew a coffee drink that is not only cold to drink but also refreshing as well. 

When brewing iced coffee you neither need an espresso nor much time. You should learn that in an iced coffee, the water that is to be brewed is replaced with ice, and coffee is then added to the mixture. So, without much wasting time, let’s dig deeper into how you can create iced coffee at home.

The Recipe For Iced Coffee

In an iced coffee recipe, about 1/3rd of the brewing water is replaced with ice. You’ll be requiring the following ingredients for this recipe:

  • A scale
  • Coffee beans
  • Decanter
  • Hot water
  • Ice cubes
  • A container for pouring
  • Filter Paper

Coffee: 30 grams

Brewing Water: 335 grams

Ice: 165 grams

Steps To Follow

  • Boil Your Water

The first step that you should be taking would be to boil your water inside a kettle. After that, let it sit for a minute inside the kettle before using it.

  • Proceed To Measure Your Coffee Beans & Grind It

Ensure that the grind you create should be a little finer than you’d normally make. This will help you to extract more coffee out of the beans. 

  • Pour Hot Water On The Filter Paper

Before you plan to use your filter paper, be sure to get it using the hot brewing water. However, ensure that you don’t do this on top of the decanter. 

  • Use Your Decanter

Go ahead and add ice to your decanter and then set your pouring element on top of it. Once done, you can add your ground coffee to the filter. After that, proceed to add water. Ensure that the quantity of water is almost three times that of the coffee weight. If necessary, pour extra water and wait for the water to trickle down. 

  • Waiting Time

Wait for at least three minutes until the brewing time will be up. During that time, the ice will be melted in the decanter and you can now serve that iced coffee.

Some Added Information

In case you didn’t know, iced coffee is extremely popular in Japan. There are multiple cafes in Japan that serve brewed coffee and you can choose the temperature to be either cold or hot. Cafe & food in Whangarei services suggests that you should not mix iced coffee with an iced latte or cold brew coffee, as all three are different. 

Lastly, we hope you enjoyed our little recipe suggestion and in case you want to enjoy better coffee recipes, don’t forget to reach out to us and visit our amazing cafe.