When you read the legal definition of vodka, it can be said as a colourless, tasteless and odourless liquid or beverage. It should be realised that vodka has a rich history spanning across 600 years. You may like drinking vodka, but have you ever wondered where did it originate or what is its history? Well, we are about to find about it today.

In this article, we’ll be discussing the history of vodka and how it rose from its medicinal roots to be one of the most popular beverages of today.

The Backstory

You must remember that the main origins of vodka have sparked massive lawsuits and conflicts among the Russians and the Polish – on who gets to obtain the correct ownership. As a fact, you must know that in Russia, vodka is known as ‘vodka’, while in Poland, the same is known as ‘wodka’. The foremost reason for this is because the words are derived from their respective names for water – voda and woda – respectively. 

In case you’re planning to hire a cocktail bartender, then you should first know that bartenders have the most qualified knowledge when it comes to telling the sources of vodka, i.e. from where vodka is manufactured. As of the current day & age, vodka is manufactured from potatoes, rye, grapes and wheat. 

The Normalisation

It should be perceived that like Rome, vodka wasn’t normalised in a single day. It took years and years before it became a staple among the people around the world. The normalisation started in the 1820s and in the year 1879, a famous vodka brand, known as ‘Absolut’ was born.

During the year 1914, the consumption of vodka peaked in Russia with an average consumption of 14 litres per year. In World War I, vodka had seen incredible growth due to its use by soldiers all over the world. And from the 1920s, vodka started to appear in various cocktail books around the globe. 

The Modernisation

Over the last 600 years after its first inception, a lot of flavours have been infused in the current day vodka, and the peak usage came in the 1990s – in the form of martinis. The early 2000s saw the influx of cocktails such as Pornstar Martini and Appletini. In today’s market, you’re bound to find vodka in any type of imaginable flavour. 

Nowadays, apart from using the traditional sources for manufacturing of vodka, vodka can also be created using milk, honey, corn, sugar beets, pineapple and many other different ingredients. The overall sales of vodka have increased substantially with every one in three spirit purchases being vodka around the globe.