When it comes to kids, we need to be super creative to make sure that the food we serve them is not only healthy but tasty too. Most kids are fussy about their food, and tickling their taste buds is not all an easy task. As parents, it’s our responsibility to ensure that our kids get food rich in nutrition, and we provide them with a balanced diet. Introducing kids to high protein snacks Australia from an early age, right portion, and the importance of a balanced diet help them in the long run. It increases their chances of leading a healthier life as grown-ups. Kids need protein for their overall development – for the repair of cells, better immune system, and more energy. Along with protein, some foods rich in protein also supply different amounts of zinc, vitamin B group, vitamin E, magnesium, and iron. We have shared some simple to cook protein-rich snacks for your kids. You can also encourage your child to help you in preparing these healthy tasty snacks, which the entire family can enjoy together. 

Protein Snack For Kids


Smoothies can be prepared using different fruits and veggies, and each has umpteen health benefits. The primary ingredients you need along with the specific fruits or vegetables are milk, yogurt, honey, and vanilla extract. Blend all these into a smooth mixture and serve cold. For a protein pack smoothie, you can try orange and carrot smoothie. Peel two oranges, add ½ cup of diced carrots, 3tbsp cashews, and 2tbsp goji berries. Instead of milk, use fresh coconut water for this smoothie. Blend it and serve the smoothie to your kids, with a new twist. To break the monotony, serve the smoothie with colorful straws and in some fun glasses or cups.


Another snack which you can make both interesting and tasty by changing the stuffing between the pieces of bread. It will be simple for you to create, and you pack it with all the necessary nutrients. Chicken, turkey, egg, tuna, cheese, broccoli are some of the food which is rich in protein and can be very yummy when used for preparing the sandwich. Layer the pieces of bread with peanut butter, stuff them with a slice of non-vegetarian items such as chicken, tuna, egg or turkey, add a thin layer of veggies, and cut it into different shapes to increase the fun.To make things easier, you can first cut the bread out in star, circle, triangle, etc. shape and then stuff them up with protein-rich food.   

Scrambled eggs

This is most probably one of the favorites of any kid and moms also love it because it’s too simple to prepare. But, if you serve kids with scrambled eggs three times a week, you will have to think something different and try to make it healthier. So, add mushrooms, and cheese, or ham, or chicken, and tomato with your scrambled egg and serve them with a toast and a smile. To enhance the taste of the eggs, make sure to whisk them properly. To 2 eggs, add a quarter cup of cream, a pinch of salt and whisk until it turns light and fluffy. Once the pan is hot, add 1tsp butter. Once it melts, add the mixture and let it cook for 20 seconds. Using a wooden spatula push the egg on the outside to the center and around the pan. Repeat the process until the egg is nearly cooked. Switch off the oven, and let it stand till you get the toast ready for your kid.


Which kid doesn’t like pizza? So, why not fill the delicious pizza with some protein and other nutrients? You can prepare different types of pizzas at home starting from Mexican, and Caprese to chicken, or Nutella pizza. Prepare the pizza base at home with the simple steps and add the toppings of your and your kid’s choice. In a bowl, mix half cup flour and one cup Greek yogurt. Prepare a ball with it and put it floured board for kneading. Knead for 5-8 minutes, and roll out in pizza shapes before adding the toppings.