Ora soup which is also known as Oha soup is a delicious soup native to the South Eastern Nigeria. It is also called Ofe Ede/Ofe Oha(Ora)  in Igbo Language because it is prepared with Ede (cocoyam) and a tender vegetable called Ora/Oha leaves which are seasonal because it can’t be found all year round which turns out to make Ora/Oha soup a special soup.Ora/Oha soup is similar to Bitter leaf soup because they are cooked in the same method with just a difference in the vegetable used. It’s amazing how putting Bitter leaf instead of Ora (oha) leaf can automatically change the taste of your soup; leaving one with wonder how an ingredient can make a great difference in the outcome of a food.Ora/Oha soup can also be prepared with cocoyam flour, so you don’t have to feel sad when you can’t buy cocoyam corms.On this page, the recipe detailed is the recipe on how to prepare Ora/Oha soup with Cocoyam corms.


  • Vegetable (Ora/Oha leaves, Uziza Leaves)
  • Cocoyam corms
  • Red Palm oil
  • Meat (beef, shaki, goat meat)
  • Fish(smoked fish, dry fish, stock fish)
  • Crayfish
  • Pepper (red pepper, Cameroun pepper)
  • Ogiri Igbo
  • Stock cubes (Maggi or Star or Royco)
  • Salt

N: B –

  • Ora/Oha leaves has no alternative.
  • Uziza leave also have no alternative; the scent, flavour and taste it adds to Ora soup is so indescribable.
  • Cocoyam can be substituted with cocoyam flour which can also be alternated with potato flour.
  • The ingredients all depends on you, you mustn’t use all. For instance Ogiri Igbo gives Ora/Oha soup a traditional taste, but it is still optional; you must not use all the fishes or meats. I like the smoked fish most and I don’t miss it out, and then the dry fish, I like the one called asa, I don’t like shaki and I don’t really like using goat meat to cook Ora/Oha soup, but many people do, so it all depends on you, and you can also cook with more or lesser quantity too, that’s why it’s based on your choice.


  1. Grind your Crayfish and pepper and set aside.
  2. Wash and boil the cocoyam corms till soft. Remove the peels and use mortar and pestle to pound the corms to a smooth paste without lumps.
  3. Boil your Stock fish for 15-20 minutes if it’s the very tough type; soak the dry fish in hot water for about an hour, debone the smoked fish and others; break them apart into sizeable chunks, wash all and set aside.
  4. Wash and season the meat to be used and cook, when it’s done, add the fishes and cook for 5 more minutes.
  5. Wash Uziza leaves and cut them into tiny pieces with knife and chopping board.
  6. Wash Ora/Oha leaves and use your fingers to cut them into tiny pieces. Don’t use a knife to cut because it will darken the colour of the vegetable.

Cooking Directions

  • Pour the cooked meat and fish with its stock into your pot of soup and add more water to the size of soup you want.
  • Add Ogiri Igbo and the ground crayfish and pepper and cook for 5-10minutes.
  • Add the cocoyam paste in small lumps and red oil then cover the pot and cook on high heat until all the cocoyam lumps have dissolved.
  • Add the Ora/Oha leaves and more water if the soup is too thick, and then leave to cook for 5 minutes.
  • Add the Uziza leaves.
  • Add the stock cubes and salt to taste then stir and leave the soup to simmer for 2-3 minutes. Turn off the heat and leave to stand and cool off for about 5 minutes before you serve with any Nigerian fufu (Garri/Eba, Semovita/Semolina fufu, Cassava/Fufu/Akpu, Pounded yam, Amala).