It’s the middle of the afternoon on hump day. The day is dragging on, so you leave your cubicle and head to the vending machine for a can of Pringles or a packet of Chips Ahoy!

Your mind starts to wander. What unique snacks do people in different countries around the world like to eat? Do other countries have healthier snacks than the USA and are their snacks completely different?

It’s fun and rewarding to learn about other cultures no matter what the topic is. So, check out eight of the most popular snacks around the world and see if you learn something new.

1. Bamba in Israel

This is one of the most intriguing foreign snacks. In fact, this tasty treat helped scientists make a promising discovery in the field of allergies.

A firm favorite since the early 1960s, Bamba is a peanut-flavored snack that comes in small bags. Its consistent popularity means that all Israeli children consume peanuts from an early age.

Scientists believe this snack has a direct result on the very low percentage of Israeli children with peanut allergies. This early introduction to peanuts means Israeli kids are 70-86% less likely to develop a peanut allergy than kids in the UK or USA.

Peanut allergies are becoming more and more common in these countries due to the lack of nuts in the diets of young children. So, make sure you eat your peanuts, kids!

2. Matcha Pocky in Japan

Matcha lattes and green tea are hot beverages you might drink if you are trying to be healthy. But in Japan, they are two of the most popular snack flavorings.

Almost any well-known snack is available in either flavor. Green tea KitKats, Matcha Oreos… You name it, Japan sells it.

But for a 100% Japanese snack, Matcha Pocky takes the crown. Pocky is a box of thin, light, and stick-shaped plain cookies often covered in milk chocolate. But other flavors of Pocky, like matcha, are available too and very popular with locals. 

3. Stroopwafels in the Netherlands

Not one of the world’s most unique snacks, but one of the most delicious, a stroopwafel is a cross between a waffle and a cookie. Bakers put two thin layers of dough with caramel filling into a waffle iron. The result is a thin chewy cookie that the Dutch sell in stacks.

Back in the 1800s when they were first made, only 100 bakers sold the treat. Now, anyone can buy stroopwafels on sites like,, or

4. Tim Tams in Australia

Staying in the sweet aisle of the supermarket, Australia’s top snack has to be Tim Tams. They originated in Australia’s largest city, Sydney. The Huntington Bakery in Sydney still makes them today after 60 years of production. 

Tim Tams are chocolate bars. They consist of two plain, rectangular chocolate cookies sandwiched with a soft, chocolate filling. Milk chocolate then covers the entire bar.

It’s a simple, classic chocolate bar that is also available in several flavors including dark chocolate, caramel, and mint. 

5. Skyr in Iceland

You can count on a Nordic country like Iceland to have one of the healthiest international snacks on this list. Iceland’s diet includes a lot of fish and dairy, so it is not surprising one of their best snacks is a yogurt-like product.

Skyr is like Greek yogurt in thickness but has Icelandic probiotic milk cultures. It’s available in many different fruity flavors like blueberry and raspberry as well as its own natural flavor.

Skyr is now popular and available in countries around the world. People love its high protein content as well as its creamy texture.

6. Tunnock’s Teacakes in Scotland

Just by looking at the packaging of Tunnock’s Teacakes, you can see that this sweet treat must be at least 100 years old. In fact, the Tunnock family have been producing teacakes in their factory outside of Glasgow, Scotland since 1890.

The teacake has a round, cookie-like base topped with a marshmallow mixture and encased in milk chocolate. Be warned: If you bite straight into this treat, the whole thing will collapse in your hand. Take it one small bite at a time.

Tunnock’s Teacakes are available in England but very few other places. So, the next time you visit Scotland, make sure you pick up a box of Tunnock’s Teacakes and a packet of their caramel wafers, too.

7. Takis in Mexico

Some global snacks are so popular that the US creates its own versions. Flamin’ Hot Cheetos are a direct result of a Mexican savory snack called Takis.

Takis is a rolled tortilla chip (or taquito, hence the name) snack where every flavor is hot and spicy. Their two most popular flavors are salsa brava and Fuego hot chili pepper and lime.

They are inexpensive, delicious, and available in almost every single supermarket in Mexico. You might even be able to find them in some parts of the USA due to their huge popularity with the Mexican community.

8. Walkers Crisps in England

They might be “chips” in the United States but they are “crisps” in England. Henry Walker started the company back in the 1940s. Though the company is now owned by PepsiCo, Walkers are still the nation’s favorite brand of chips.

The three most common chip flavors in England are salt and vinegar, ready salted, and cheese and onion. But Walkers also make other flavors of chips in traditional English flavors, like Worcester sauce and pickled onion.

Walkers often hold nationwide competitions by releasing new, limited-edition flavors. The new flavor which sells the most packets in a certain time frame becomes a permanent member of the Walkers chip family.

Taste These Unique Snacks Around the World

Some think that immersing yourself in another culture means traveling a lot and visiting museums. But there are so many other ways to gain an insight into other countries, why not do it through unique snacks?

And now you know what all the top foreign snacks are, you can start taste testing.

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